Since we started in 2010, over 1000 candidates have taken and passed the Yachtmaster exam with us.

We are very priviledged to have met them and to call a lot of them friends, keeping contact from the four corners of the blue planet. A lot of them now work as professional skippers whilst some have just come here to hone their skills and sail with greater confidence and pleasure. They all have something in common : they value the friendships they have built here and their love for sailing.

By coming here, you too will be able to tap into that wonderful network of sailors, meeting other fellow crew members, some of them possibly beeing yacht owners seeking professional skippers.

We're also acting as a recruitement service for private owners, charter companies or yacht captains looking for Yachtmasters. No other recruitement company has the ability to offer Yachtmasters like we do; we know every individual we put forward as we've sailed with him or her for weeks and weeks. Beeing the right person on board is not simply a case of beeing good at job interviews !